Lori Malvey



Hi, glad to meet you.

I guess you can tell a person best by what they like, so here goes:

- I like all kinds of weather (rain, sun, snow, slush, wind, clouds--everything) and the four seasons

- I like salads and dark chocolate and chicken and whole grain bagels and cheese and chardonnay

- I like to work & be productive, but tend to want to read books all day & be lazy, so I need to perpetually fight that tendency

- I like to take walks as a primary exercise

- I like the United States of America and its Constitution, voted for Ted Cruz for President, and think that all other countries of the world can run their countries however they see fit

- I like to talk to my kids about everything, but respect when they don't want to talk

- I like my friends a lot, with the caveat that Facebook freaks me out, so I tend not to post anything which makes me seem really boring

- I like Jesus, his Mother Mary, and lots of Saints--and that I can talk to them

- I like to experiment in the kitchen & come up with weird new recipes, like a home-made healthy version of Velveeta (if you want the recipe, email me at locarimusic@yahoo.com)

- I like baseball a lot, but admit I watch football for the strategy, and cringe with every hit

- I like perfume, and I'm always game for a new great scent

- I like animals and babies and anything cute

- I like to help people when they need help and prefer to talk to people one-on-one as opposed to groups of people




Risk It All - Lori Malvey & Richard Stephen Piszker